Friday, June 10, 2011

Color Delights in Astoria

As a trade, a friend of mine lent me his Monster Canon camera over the weekend in exchange for an image I had taken of him over the winter. Man oh man was i glad to have had that leverage. Throughout the weekend I strolled Astoria Queens on what (thus far) has been New Yorks most beautiful weather. (short lived at that).. I have posted a few inspiring color images here from last weekend, enjoy my friends. Namaste, Christy
Jaunting down Broadway from the Steinway crossing I came across a delightful nook called appropriately, "Jewels of Buddha." He had everything from homemade satchels made in both India and Pakistan, jewelry ranging from Native Indian turquoise to woven bracelets made by Buddhist monk (apprentices), to gypsy belts and the like. I gifted myself by purchasing a slip-on tye-dye dress, incense, and a prayer bracelet made in Tibet.